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First Post 1️⃣

·2 mins

So it’s only customary to put up a first post when you start a new site, isn’t it?

It’s been a while since I had a personal website, the majority of all my domains (everyone else hoards domains and refuses to never let them expire, right?) are just hosted on a VPS with a no-content index and remain that way forever but I thought maybe it’s time for something new.

The last time I did any actual blogging was before I moved to Dublin, and back then, it was exclusively about networking (Cisco, CCIE etc.). Throughout the years of maintaining domains, I’ve kept that old blog running and the content frozen in 2013.

For all my previous attempts at keeping a blog, I always used WordPress because it pretty much was (and for most still is) the blog solution, but for this blog, I’ve gone with the new hotness of a static site generator using Hugo and then theming it with Congo and then hosting it on Netlify.

I started thinking about running a new blog a while ago as a place to document a plethora of things but didn’t want the hassle of running another WordPress install and so going the SSG route was perfect as I can write in a familiar (markdown) format and not have to worry about vulnerabilities or having to maintain a PHP install 😅.